Tanbi Music

************ 10 Soft Clarinet Reeds + 1 Clarinet Cork Grease ************

Guitar Picks Box

10 Reeds + Cork Grease 10 Reeds Sealed in Nylon The Closed Box
Each Reed has its own Plastic Case One Reed Cork Grease Tube


- PREMIUM QUALITY REEDS, great for beginners and experienced players. They are durable and easy to play on, giving you a good sound.

- QUALITY PERSISTENT FOR ALL REEDS in the box - you will use 10 out of these 10 reeds.

- EACH REED HAS ITS OWN PLASTIC CASE, and all reeds are sealed in nylon to give them maximum durability.

- SOFT REEDS, strength varies between 1.5 and 2.0.

- BONUS: 1 tube of clarinet cork grease in every box, to complete your clarinet accessories. The grease is good for all woodwind instruments.


The Tanbi Music Clarinet reeds give excellent value for their price: Easy to use, good sound, with 10 functional reeds + clarinet cork grease tube in each box. Our reeds are made out of canes grown in China under the best conditions.They are of original natural growth, without any chemical fertilizer nor pesticide. Each reed has its own plastic case, giving it maximum durability

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